About Us

Dizzy Cactus is a Los Angeles based brand that specializes in handmade goods, founded in August 2014, by twin sisters Kate and Kristine Paguinto.
Our company was birthed from the unwillingness to work 9 to 5 jobs that offer limited space for creativity. It began as a sort of playground for us to experiment with new ideas and grew into something that we wanted to share with all of you. Our goal is to try new projects as often as possible so we can bring you tons of new items to enjoy and share with others.
We pride ourselves in having a versatile collection of handmade goods to accommodate a greater audience. Kicking off our company with nothing more than a roll of black cord and a few charms, we eventually worked our way to gold-filled materials, natural gemstones, and even shark teeth. Aside from jewelry, we also began to exercise our graphic arts skills to create fun and colorful paper goods, cell phone cases, and buttons. We enjoy working with new materials and learning the multitude of ways that they can work together to create an even broader collection.
Although Dizzy Cactus started as a small endeavor, we began to see greater potential for our company after receiving such positive feedback. Within the first few months of our launch, we gained recognition from numerous platforms such as NYLON, BuzzFeed, RAW Artists, Bored Panda, and even an international feature from Berlin-based art and design blog, Ignant. With our name quickly spreading, we both quit our part time jobs and put all of our focus on Dizzy Cactus. Since then, we have added plenty of new products and began collaborating with even more brands. We value quality and creativity and hope you take the time to appreciate the love and thought that we put into each piece.